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Sookie Li

Dealing Public Relations All Offices

Sookie Li owns a strong professional experience in public relations and works as Sales Consultant for many international brands in the UAE. Moreover, she is serving these brands in the international market and by dealing with various kinds of quality clients belonging from different nationalities, provided her ability to understand the needs of the clients and to advice accordingly in order to serve them as per their expectations. She possesses 9 years of professional experience in the field of public relations and communications which entitles her to be the representative of Nour Attorneys Brand.

At Nour Attorneys Law Firm, Li’s responsibility is to establish communication with clients and to assist them.  Besides, this she also update their records when needed and mainly to inquire about their opinion service, expectations of services from the Firm, Li is also responsible to communicate with other law firms in the region and worldwide for the purpose of building partnership with quality law firms  that help our clients and ensures that their interests are protected irrespective of their residency status, she is also taking care of our partner’s clients in UAE.

Li is providing her prominent advice to the firm, which helps us in development of networking and public relations. She thoroughly handles and update firm’s social media platform and websites, which helps in building professional network. She also conducts seminars for the purpose of educating and training our team members which enable them to imbibe the fundamental principles of professionalism. Moreover, she also arranges meetings with the members belonging from similar professional to maintain the relations. Li is also authorized to represent the firm in social events in absence of its founders and members when they are unable to attend due to prior commitments of work.

Li is an asset for our organization. She possesses quality of being talented and social kind of person. She has an extensive experience in dealing with people and to know about their requirements which is an embellish quality. Li has a big personal network of top-notch persons and businesses men in UAE and worldwide that help her to achieve her goals.

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