Certified True Copy near me

One of the most typical aspects for expats living in Dubai and other Emirates is to procure certified true copy of original papers. As, residents in Dubai do a variety of transactions in their home countries or in other offshore jurisdictions on a regular basis. Therefore, requirement for expats to give authentic copies of their documents such as passports, DEWA bills, bank statements, and other documents to confirm the actual identity of the expat and the document in issue is a prominent component of these transactions.

How does the process of Lawyer Certified True Copy work?

Lawyer Certified True Copy is to get original document is provided to the lawyer along with a photocopy, and the lawyer checks the original document and, after satisfied with its validity, stamps the photocopy declaring that it is a genuine and correct copy of the original document. Thus, in order to validate the date of the certification, the lawyer additionally signs and dates the paper. The stamp normally includes the lawyer’s name, the name of the legal company for which the lawyer works, and the lawyer’s contact information for the appropriate third party to whom the document is sent.

How to procure Certified True Copy of Electronic Document?

The Certified True Copy of Electronic Document is a photocopy of the original document issued and verified by a lawyer. This signifies that Electronic Document is valid and Certified by a Lawyer. The use of Certified True Copy of Electronic Document is done in court or litigations proceedings in order to validate the claims.

How to check for Lawyer Certified True Copy?

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