Best Corporate Business Lawyer in Dubai

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Best Corporate Business Lawyer in Dubai

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Business Lawyer in Dubai

Drafting Commercial Contracts

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Arbitration & Meditation

Real Estate Litigation

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Legal Consultation

Corporate Litigation

Medical Negligence Lawyers

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Legal Due Diligence

Legal Consultants in Dubai

Civil Litigation

Employment Disputes

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The Best Corporate Business Lawyer in Dubai

Nour Attorneys & Legal Consultants is your Business Legal Partner in Corporate and Commercial Legal matters. Our law firm possesses a highly qualified and experienced team of Corporate Lawyers in Dubai, specializing in Legal Documents Drafting and Legal Contract Review Services in a highly diligent and efficient manner.

Our Law firm’s legal team consists of one of the best Legal Professionals who are inclined to provide Legal Services to their clients in a highly diligent and professional manner in the field of Corporate Law.

Our Corporate Business lawyers in Dubai provide successful assistance and support to our clients in corporate laws such as Company Formation, Corporate Valuation and Restructuring, Mergers and Acquisitions, Joint Venture, Offshore Company formation, Registration of Trademark in UAE, and advising to matters pertaining to Corporate Tax.

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Our lawyers possess extensive experience and expertise in delivering business legal services to our highly valued clients. Our law firm specializes in commercial and business law within the United Arab Emirates, making us a leading business law firm in the region and known for its legal services.

Our law firm offers trusted legal services to clients in various sectors, including medical, artificial intelligence, construction, real estate, maritime, corporate, and banking. We have been providing a wide range of legal services to our clients for the past 13 years, building a strong foundation of trust.

Our track record demonstrates a consistent delivery of accurate and transparent legal advice and services, resulting in favorable outcomes for our clients. We are renowned for our ability to assess clients’ cases at the initial stage and take appropriate actions, which consistently lead to favorable results for our clients.

Business Lawyer Dubai, UAE

Nour Attorneys is one of the best corporate business lawyers in Dubai, which provides services to its clients concerning corporate transactions, opening branch, and representative offices, compliance in legal formalities, issuance of trade licenses, company formation, drafting contracts, shareholder agreements, and other legal issues arising from UAE Market with aid and advice of our experienced lawyers in Dubai, UAE.

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Looking for a First-Class Lawyers & Legal Consultancy Firms in Dubai?

Our Services

Drafting Contracts

  • Partnership Agreement
  • Investment Agreement
  • Independent Contract Agreement
  • Sale Purchase Agreement
  • Joint Venture Agreement
  • Loan Agreement
Attorneys in Dubai

Litigation Services

  • Civil Litigation Disputes
  • Criminal Litigation
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Corporate Litigation
  • Medical Malpractice Services
  • Real Estate Disputes
commercial lawyer in dubai

Legal Services

  • Corporate Mergers
  • Conducting Due Diligence
  • Corporate Bank Account
  • Legal Compliance
  • Power of Attorneys Issuance
  • Drafting Board Resolutions

Company Formation

  • Company Formation in Mainland
  • Company Formation in Freezones
  • Offshore Company Formation
  • Company Formation in Seychelles
  • Company Formation in BVI

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Our Services

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Looking for a First-Class Lawyers & Legal Consultancy Firms in Dubai?

Best Legal Consultancy in the Middle East

Nour Attorneys provide sound and best legal solutions to its clients and guide them effectively to deal with the legal problems they are facing and always try to give the permanent solution for legal disputes in time bound and effective manner. Our Legal Consultant offers the best advice and representation to our prestigious clients in issues arising from employment law.

Our Commercial Contract Lawyers and small Business Contract Lawyers are experienced in drafting legal documents and contracts. They are also experts in Legal Contract Review, which provides accurate assistance and solutions to the queries of our clients arising from any sort of contracts and agreements. This service helps our clients ascertain the scope of any agreement or contract before entering it.

Through the legal assistance and services provided by the Business Lawyers of Nour Attorneys, you can get assurance concerning your legal protection and work hassle-free in your life. As our Corporate Lawyers in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, are competent enough to handle disputes on their own with the possible outcome of delivering the best results as per your expectations.

Practice Area

Nour Attorneys deals only with matters about or arising from corporate laws being a business-oriented law firm. Our specialization is Drafting Commercial and Corporate Contracts and Agreements, advising in Corporate Governance frameworks, Company Restructuring, setting up Businesses, and matters relating to Corporate or Business Litigation.

Our Business Lawyer in Dubai, United Arab Emirates provides one of the best legal services in field of corporate and commercial matters. Our team of corporate lawyer in Dubai, United Arab Emirates possess vast experience and knowledge in the field of commercial law and provides one of the best corporate services in a highly diligent and professional manner to our clients.

Corporate Business Lawyers

Nour Attorneys has one of the best and leading Business Lawyers as well as Corporate Lawyers and Commercial Lawyer in Dubai United Arab Emirates which are always ready to safeguard your interest in commercial legal issues. Our law firm Business Lawyers provides best legal advice in relation to corporate services, intellectual property and all your legal problems. Our law firm Business Lawyers are experts in dealing with all sorts of commercial legal issues.

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Looking for a First-Class Lawyers & Legal Consultancy Firms in Dubai?


In today’s Era and considering the technological advancements, it is necessary to choose a legal partner for your problems who possess extensive knowledge and experience in a particular field of law. We are only a business-oriented law firm and are concerned about dealing with the disputes arising from such a sector, which keeps our advocates and lawyers focused while dealing with the issues of our clients.

Why to choose our corporate law firms in the UAE?

Nour Attorneys strongly believes and works upon the principle of professional legal ethics, which teaches four duties towards the clients. The said duties are Trust, Transparency, Honesty, and Confidentiality. Our lawyers strictly follow these principles in Dubai and act accordingly. Our law firms in Dubai holds a respectable reputation in the UAE Market, which is only possible due to the duties our lawyers fulfill towards the clients.

Why should I hire corporate law firms in the UAE for Drafting Contracts and Agreements?

Legal Drafting is an art to be exercised by the legal expert who possesses one of the best drafting skills. Otherwise, it can lead you into trouble as the agreements and instruments in the United Arab Emirates are considered to be abiding by law between the contracting parties, and the court here relies upon the principle of strict and literal rule of interpretation. Therefore, once the agreements are executed between the parties unless its purpose is illegal or void, then in such a scenario, what is written in the said instrument is considered binding between the parties.

Why to opt us for Company or Business formation in Dubai, United Arab Emirates?

Our Commercial Lawyers in Dubai are well versed with the companies’ laws prevailing in the United Arab Emirates and provide one the best advice to its clients by remaining under the ambit of the law. Our services for setting up businesses are always covered under the umbrella of law and are not vague or temporary in nature as our Corporate Lawyers provides best advice information of companies whether it is mainland or an offshore company formation in Dubai.

We are proud to say that our law firm deals in litigation cases pertaining to Criminal, Civil, Commercial and Dispute Resolution and has a separate team of lawyers to deal with such disputes. Our advocates are highly experienced and possess the right to an audience before several courts in the United Arab Emirates. For more detailed information regarding this service, you can access it by clicking here.

What kind of matters are not being dealt with by your law firm?

Our Firm does not deal with matters relating to marriage and divorce disputes as being a Corporate Law Firm these types of services are not under our scope of service.