Drafting An Agreement


Drafting an Agreement is an important art as it decides the future of the contracting parties. The role of draftsmen is also important in drafting an agreement because the language and content of the agreement matters a lot. As we all know agreements have become a common part of the day-to-day business transactions and its importance has increased a lot.  Therefore, in this article we will provide the importance and guidance for drafting an agreement.

What is the importance of Drafting an Agreement?

Drafting an agreement is an important document between the two contracting parties as by executing the agreement none of the party to the contract can claim the benefits which is out of the scope of such contract or agreement. Moreover, the agreement is also considered as substantial piece of evidence if the dispute is referred to the litigation. Therefore, for better understanding of the reader importance of drafting an agreement is mentioned hereinbelow:

Why drafting of an agreement is necessary?

Drafting is considered as an integral part of any agreement. It is very important to draft an agreement in such a way that no loophole or lacuna can be left behind when the dispute arise between the parties. Moreover, the real test of drafting takes place when the dispute between the contracting parties reaches before the court then the reliability of any agreement is tested. Therefore, it is very important to draft an agreement in such a manner which cannot be challenged at the later stage.

Our Contract Lawyer also states that necessity of Drafting an Agreement arises because at the later stage none of the contracting parties can evade from its responsibilities because everything comes under the writing.

What can be the best guidance for drafting an agreement?

As we have already discussed above the importance of drafting a Legal Agreement now in this section, we will be dealing with the guidance provided by our Contract Lawyer in drafting an agreement. The below mentioned points are in relation to the drafting of an agreement:



The Title of an agreement must be there which shows the nature or type of the agreement which is going to be executed between the parties.


This clause shall mention all the details of the contracting parties with full name particulars, email address and contact details.


This clause will define the purpose for the agreement and in other words the meaning of the contract is defined for which the agreement has been executed.


This clause shall bear the terms of an agreement which are agreed between the contracting parties and will be obligating each other.


The rights of the contracting parties shall be mentioned. This will clear the rights which each contracting parties possess against each other. Moreover, this clause will use to clear an ambiguity between the parties if arise at the later stage.


This clause will have the governing law for jurisdiction if in case dispute is arises between the contracting parties.


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