Nour Attorneys Law Firm conducts social awareness programs to spread awareness legal in society about issues relating to public subjects such as Consumer Awareness, Cyber Fishing, Tenancy Rights, Drug Abuse, Employment Rights, Fundamental Rights, and other rights emanating from Universal Treaties and laws. Spreading social awareness creates special attention among the members of society and has a material bearing outcome if any violation or wrongdoing is committed or tried to be committed
Our law firm fulfills its duty toward society by conducting social awareness programs through webinars and videos. Moreover, our team of lawyers and legal consultants follows the policy of self-awareness to make others aware of any subject of law. Thus, for a lawyer or law student, it is essential to be mindful of all the laws and amendments that keep on coming in society as the work of the lawyer is to deal with the issues that exist in society on a day-to-day basis and to tackle such cases it is essential to be well versed with updates.
Nour Attorneys Law Firm is the outcome of social wellness ideology as its Founder is always inclined to help others and works with the thinking to bring change in society and do good to the community. Therefore, the same thing is followed by our law firm’s team members, who try to achieve it by conducting Social Awareness programs.

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