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If you are planning to start your business in United Arab Emirates, then you must be aware about the Investor Visa as well as the conditions which are required if you want to hire any employee or to sponsor his/her Employment Visa and documents required for Emirates ID. This article will be dealing with such question which are required to be addressed if you are an Investor in Dubai or wants to have an Investor Visa and or to hire employees.

What is the meaning of Visa Quota?

Our Business Lawyer in Dubai states that:

When you setup or form a company you may find whether it includes a visa quota or not, which means the space available to issue visas for the Investor or Employees. Thus, you may find limits for such visa quota according to the nature of your license or maximum capacity available with the shared desk and or by renting a small office.

How many visas quota an Investor should obtain?

Our Business Lawyer Dubai states that:

Visa Quota shall be obtained as per your needs, in mainland companies, there is a one-time charge to increase your quota. So, every time you apply for the service for free zone companies, each time you increase a quota, your required to pay per single quota and annual charge, so you are advised to add quota as needed according to your business needs.

What are the similarities between Investor Visa Dubai and Employment Visa?

There are similarities in relation to the both the visas and the same are mentioned hereinbelow:

Investor Visa Employment Visa
– Tenure for visa 2 years.- Emirates ID is given.

– No Special Treatment during Immigration.

– Normal process for the renewal.

– The tenure is for 2 years.- Emirates ID provided with name of the sponsor company.

– No special treatment during immigration.

– Similar process for the renewal.

The above-mentioned table contains the similarity which the Investor and Employment Visa contains and it is crystal clear that none of the visa is given an special treatment in the United Arab Emirates.

What is the difference between Investor Visa and Employment Visa?

The difference in relation to the Investor Visa and Employment Visa is mentioned herein below:

Investor Visa Employment Visa
– Investor Visas are issued from immigration based on owning a business or share in a business.- In mainland Companies, investor visas are issued from the immigration department. – Employment visa are issued based on the employment contract.- Employment visas are issued based on approvals of employment contracts first from the labor department.

 It is clear from the above-mentioned differences that the Investor Visas are issued from immigration department after obtaining a business or getting share in a business and Employment visa is totally contrary to the Investor Visa as it requires the employment contract and then work visa is issued by the ministry for a specific time period and the same is to convert into an employment visa with the time frame

What are the challenges that Dubai Investor Visa holders may face?

Our Company formation lawyer states that:

The health or life insurance for the holder of investor visas is more expensive than the holders of employment visas. Moreover, it is not easy for Investor Visa holder to obtain loans and credit cards from the banks as they are considered at a High Risk and especially in the case of new business owners. The attestation of declaration for the Investor Visas holder is considered a commercial transaction by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and shall pay as a commercial transaction.

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