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What to do if you are arrayed as an accused in a Criminal Case?

Surprisingly, if you may find yourself accused in a criminal case before the courts. In this case, you can hire our Best Criminal lawyers in Dubai to represent you and defend you at all stages of the proceedings, Our Criminal Defense Lawyer advise you on the expected outcome, prepare a defense and represent it before the court, if necessary.

Categories of Criminal Cases

Our Criminal Defense lawyer states that there are two types of criminal cases; the first is financial criminal cases that are related to crimes of embezzlement of funds, breach of trust, the wasteful or improper expenditure of partners and depositors’ fundand other financial crimes. Details and mechanisms related to such crimes are mentioned in financial crimes. The other type is criminal offenses such as, violations, misdemeanors, and felonies, which varies and differ depending upon the facts and circumstances of the case.

Procedure for the initiation of Trial before Criminal Courts

Our Best Criminal lawyer in Dubai explain the procedure of initiation of criminal cases as follows:

The Public Prosecution may initiate criminal proceedings against the client, either based on a complaint by another party or the arrest of the client by the police in the event of the commission of the offence specified in the Penal Code. Thereafter, the proceedings begin as the police conduct research, investigation, and gather the statements of the parties, which includes the complainant, the accused, or the witnesses. Then, the police submit all documents to the Public Prosecution, which initiates further investigation procedures to complete the police investigation or request to the police for reinvestigating the case.  When the Public Prosecution has completed the investigation of the statements of the parties and the documents of the case, it shall either dismiss the complaint due to the lack of criminal element or refer the case to concerned criminal court for its final adjudication.

Procedure regarding bail and Suspension of Sentence during the pendency of an Appeal before the Appellate Courts

Our law firm Criminal defense lawyer further explains about the procedure regarding bail and suspension of sentence as follows:

The criminal court starts its proceedings depending upon the nature of   crime, whether it is an offense, of committing a misdemeanor or felony, criminal court hears the statements of the accused as well as his defense and that of his lawyer before issuing a judgment in the case. If an accused is convicted, then appeal can be filed against the impugned order before the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court. Moreover, the court may accept to release the accused on bail and his passport with or without financial security or may require more than one person to secure the presence of the accused in the hearings. The release of the accused on bail is usually continued until the appeal reaches its outcome. The Supreme Court may, through an urgent request, suspend the execution of the sentence awarded to an accused during the pendency of appeal.

Grant of Concession to Convicts other than Habitual offenders

Having a criminal record, even if the offences were minors are not good for the person involved in it. As they appear through a certificate of good conduct, but after a certain period, the courts usually write off the offenses that are long overdue in order not to disrupt the convict’s life, unless he commits other crimes during the same period.

Our Commitment

Criminal cases heavily rely on the attorney’s ability to convince the court, which is based largely on estimates, testimonies, and evidence of conviction, which may be interpreted differently at the discretion of the court and the parties. Such conviction is rarely based on documents or invoices from which one can assess the probability of judgments such as civil, commercial, and labor cases.

Nour Attorneys Law Firm, have a team of best criminal lawyer in Dubai, which works in a highly efficient and careful manner to represent the clients in all categories of criminal cases. We also provide both advice and guidance, starting from the indictment stage until the issuance of a final judgment in criminal cases.


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