Contract drafting requires the application of all principles and rules contained in the law and that will reflect on the contracting parties. Our team at Nour Attorneys Law Firm is obliged to study all transaction documents and determine the best way to draft the contract, hence, they will be able to prove its validity before the courts in case of any breach of contractual obligations that have to be followed to protect the contracting parties.
At Nour Attorneys Law Firm, our team of lawyers and legal consultants study all the required terms and conditions according to each case and add them to the drafted copy of the agreement to clarify the rights and obligations of all parties and to ensure their compliance with local laws and legislation. Our law firm also provide the service of clarifying contractual obligations and their terms of implementation and the consequences of violating them by any party involved. Furthermore, our law firm clarify all facts related to contractual obligations, their implementation, the consequences if any of the parties violated them, and parties’ rights to resort to the judiciary to submit their complaints. We also detail the advantages of each choice, the legal mistakes that should be avoided while signing contracts so as not to leave any legal gaps or loopholes that might benefit one of the contracting parties at the expense of the other. Moreover, our law firm offer the services of challenging the validity of agreements before courts. Here comes Nour Attorneys Law Firm which act in a role of professional service provider for contract drafting and reviewing services, in which our law firm verify the legal validity of contracts, ensure that they are drafted in a clear, unambiguous wording, and that they fulfill their respective purposes according to what the contracting parties intended. Therefore, immense attention is paid to ensure that the content complies with the legal form and structure required by the law.

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