Dinky Aghi

Legal Consultant

Dinky Aghi

Contracts & Compliance Dubai Office

Dinky is a professional and qualified legal consultant.  She has completed her bachelor’s in law from a renowned University in India. Her major specialization is in contracts and agreements laws, and during her initial years as a law student, she has done many internships with international and top tier law firms in India. After completing her graduation, she joined an international corporate and business law firm in India which provided her extensive experience and learning in the field of drafting contracts and agreements and also helped her in gaining knowledge about the functioning of corporate structure.

At Nour Attorneys Law Firm, Dinky is involved in reviewing, drafting, and negotiating all types of international and local commercial and civil contracts including but not limited to Joint Ventures, Franchising Agreements, Trade Mark Licensing Agreements, Investment Agreements, Independent Contract Agreements, Employment Agreements, Finance Agreements, Mortgage Agreements, Sales and Purchases Agreements, Assets Assignment and Transfer Agreements, Master Service Agreements, Partnership Agreements, Shareholders Agreements, Non-Compete Agreements, Non-Disclosure Agreement, Pre-contract Agreement, Construction and Designing Agreement, Brokerage, Consultancy Leasing Agreements Event Management Agreements, and all other forms of agreements which are required by our clients  belonging from various  business and corporate sectors.

Besides this, Dinky is also reviewing and drafting legal documents which are required in day-to-day business cycle transactions that includes drafting of debit notes, declarations and statements, trustee letters, letter of credits, consent letters, liability letters, promissory note, power of attorneys, declarations of heirs, affidavits, termination letters, warning letters, legal notices, and other legal documents. Dinky’s abilities and potential supports the business of our clients as she ensures that all the drafts are in complete form and no scope of interpretation is left out, which can be challenged by the other party/parties before the concerned Court of Law.

Dinky is an asset for our organization.  She has an extensive knowledge of subjects and zeal for learning about new areas and dimensions of law. Moreover, she is also advising and handling other legal matters wherein she provides legal advice about the issues pertaining to employment, licensing, franchising, corporate structure, and business formations.

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