Types of Work: New UAE Labour Law 2022


The new labor law that came into an existence in the year 2021 and provides the benefits and protection to both employer and employee. The details of these benefits have already been discussed in the articles as mentioned before and now in this article we are going to discuss about the types of work provided under the new labour law in consonance with the implementing regulations issued by the cabinet resolution.

How many types of work are provided under the new UAE Labour Law 2022?

There are seven types of work is provided as per new UAE labour law and the said categories of work is mentioned as follows:


The description in relation to such work categories are mentioned hereinbelow for the better understanding of the readers.


This kind of category is one of the known or most prevalent category in relation the work as this kind of work is well known to everyone. In this kind of work the worker works for the employer for full time as usual for the 8 hours per day and is not allowed to work for more than one employer.


This kind of work category is universally recognized and is also allowed legally in the UAE to work for more than one employer for a specific number of working hours or days designated for a specific work.


In this category of work whose execution requires a specific period or is based on a certain task is ended upon its completion.


In this kind of work category, the worker or an employee works for hours or working days which change according to the workload, as well as the economic and operational variables of the employer. Moreover, in this category of work the worker may work for the employer at variable times in accordance with the work conditions and requirements.


All or part of the work which is performed outside the workplace, with the means of electronic communication or devices between the employer and employee in lieu of physical presence, irrespective of the fact that whether the work is full time or part-time. In this type of work physical requirement for the worker is not mandatory and no such location for the worker to execute his or her work is stipulated.


In this category of work the task and duties are divided among more than one worker as agreed upon in advance, and this is reflected in the wages due to each of them. The workers are dealt with pursuant to the rules of part-time work.

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