Trademark Disputes

What is Trademark and how to protect it?

Trademark is the unique identity of your business or product. Whereas, in the era of numerous business and products a separate identity is required for your product so that it can differentiated from the others. There are certain rules and regulations which keep the identity and uniqueness of any trademark safe and different from others.

Your trademark is usually linked in the minds of your customers with the unique experiences they have when they go to your restaurant, shopping mall, or when they subscribe to any of the services you offer, etc. To protect your trademark from being similar to any others, from the possibility of being imitated or fabricated by others or designing a trademark that is similar to yours in order to make use of your commercial reputation, you should register your trademark locally and internationally.

However, in some cases, you only need to register your trademark in certain countries where you wish to protect the trademark. To do so properly, you need a legal consultant who is fully aware of and familiar with trademark registration, resolving disputes related to them and licensing their use by others.  Your consultant must be knowledgeable on the criminal and civil measures that should be taken against others to prevent them from exploiting your trademark after the expiry of their license or in case if they intend to do so without your consent or permission.

Hence, Nour Attorneys Law Firm represents numerous clients, with high diligence and professionalism, to register their trademarks and arrange its licensing to third parties as well as instructing you regarding licensing conditions, mechanisms and termination means in a professional framework that suits the nature of today’s business.

Furthermore, we also cooperate with many trademark experts in disputes, either before the trademark registration and licensing regulatory bodies or other judicial bodies and expert committees assigned by courts in such disputes. Highly qualified team of trademark dispute lawyers at Nour Attorneys Law Firm, in cooperation with a team of experts, provides legal and practical advice that reflects actual practices within government bodies.

Our law firm advice and litigation services are always characterized by the utmost level of honesty and professionalism. Thus, in case you stuck into some Trademark Dispute then feel free to contact us.

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