Tamer Elhograty

Managing Partner & Senior Legal Consultant

Tamer Elhograty

Civil, Commercial, Criminal & Family Disputes Egypt Office

Tamer Elhograty, has a long-standing professional experience of more than 14 years in Egypt and providing eminent litigation service in matters relating to Civil, Commercial, Criminal, Family and Administrative Laws.  He graduated in the year 2008 from a renowned university in Egypt and thereafter enrolled himself with the Bar Association of Egypt and started practicing as a Licensed Lawyer. He has an extensive experience in contesting the disputes relating to various subjects of law, but he mainly deals with the disputes which are in relation to Commercial, Criminal, Family, and Administrative Laws. During his journey in legal profession Mr. Tamer Elhograty is known for his work potential and court crafts while arguing matters before all forms of courts including Court of Cassation, Supreme Constitutional and Supreme Administrative Courts of Egypt. He is well known for his legal abilities which are being used in defending and contesting the interest of our clients.

Mr. Tamer’s experience in litigation imbibes varied areas by drafting and contesting memo of claims for seeking damages and presenting defence memos to protect the interest of our clients before the concerned Court of laws. His abilities of drafting have given him extensive exposure in field of drafting litigation Memos, Petitions, Contracts, and Agreements including but not limited to Settlements Agreements, Memorandum of Associations, Article of Associations, Introduction Agreements, Franchise Agreements, Shareholder Agreements, Joint Venture Agreements and Intellectual Property Right Licensing Agreements.

Besides, this Mr. Tamer also possesses experience in the field of providing consultancy services in relation to business compliance and regulation in Egypt. Moreover, he has also advised many investors, businessmen and corporate sectors for setting up their business and companies in various zones such as offshore and on shore, as well as helped them in making compliance of the local law and regulations of Egypt. Therefore, as he is practising since more than 14 years many big sharks of corporate sectors have engaged him to defend their interest before the Economic Courts in Egypt. He has dealt with various matters relating to white collar crimes, money laundering, intellectual property rights and many other economic offences.

Mr. Tamer is a great asset for our organization and clients in Egypt, as his versatile nature of practice ensures the success of our clients in mainly every aspect and filed of law. Thus, his ongoing contribution in meeting the expected outcome of the clients cannot be discarded because his long-standing experience and problem-solving ability has helped a lot in every manner and sense to the clients. He is associated with us since long time as Managing Partner and Senior Legal Consultant in our office situated in Egypt.

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