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Amer KiwanSenior Legal Consultant

Litigation & Criminal Cases

Dubai Office

About Him

Mr. Kiwan has graduated from the Faculty of Law in Syria. He procured his license for practicing as a licensed lawyer in the year 2008, Kiwan has an extensive experience of more than 15 years in pleading before all forms of courts including First Instance Courts, Appeal Courts, Cassation Courts, and Petition Courts. During litigation he has dealt with matters pertaining to Commercial, Civil, Employment, Military, Administrate, and Criminal Laws. Thus, after pleading before different forms of Courts and levels of Judges. When it comes to the area of specialization for Mr. Kiwan   in litigation than the answer is Criminal Litigation, Commercial Arbitration, and Civil Litigation Disputes.

Mr. Kiwan’s experience in litigation imbibes varied areas by drafting and contesting   Memo of Claims for seeking damages and   also presenting the Defense Memo to protect the interest of our clients before the concerned courts. In addition to the same, in all cases, he develops legal arguments as well as fulfils the formalities, conditions of the lawsuits according to their nature and the jurisdiction according to each Court before initiating the dispute. Besides this, Mr. Kiwan also prepares the writs of summons for Civil, Commercial, and Labor Lawsuits, he also prepares and drafts for Civil claims in Criminal cases. Moreover, he is an expert in defending the interest of our clients in every lawsuit he dealt with by submitting Defense Memos, Appeals and taking urgent actions before the Courts. Therefore, urgent actions term used in relation to the action taken by Mr. Kiwan in situations wherein urgent seizure of funds or travel ban, and other matters where such special urgency is required.

Mr. Kiwan’s experience in litigation enables him to render oral and written legal consultation services in all judicial aspects based upon his long-standing litigation experience. This claim cannot be falsified because considering the nature of his litigation and number of cases pertaining to subjects like Civil, Commercial, Labor, and Criminal Disputes he has dealt with on behalf of the clients before numerous Experts, Judges and Arbitration Committees.  Thus, practical experience of court practice is an essential element while providing legal advice to the clients because the advice does not possess only theoretical aspect in it, but it shall also cover part of comprehensive research on the possibilities of expected outcome.

Mr. Kiwan is also specialized in contesting and defending Criminal Lawsuits, wherein dispute is in relation to Misdemeanor or Felonies is involved. He prepares the necessary defense and cooperates with our pleading lawyers on pre-pleading preparations such as reviewing pleadings to ensure that a strong argument is presented before the courts and no such loophole or lacuna is left out in pleadings which can help the opposite party. This is critically important in criminal and other lawsuits which requires the representation by Attorney to plead before the judges who oversee the case.

We are indebted to Kiwan’s vast experience in litigation in the United Arab Emirates, Mr. Kiwan works in litigation before local and federal Courts of different forms and known for bringing the best results to our clients.