Legal Documents Drafting Service


Nour Attorneys & Legal Consultants also offers the service of drafting legal documents. Thus, in case you need to draft a particular form of a written pledge, acknowledgment or a guarantee to pay a debt or deposit a trust with someone, we can help you through our experienced lawyers who never rely on partial knowledge, an individual, or incomplete information when drafting legal forms, as our lawyers make sure that they definitely address the subject in all its aspects and discuss all the evidence to reach a clear vision on the optimal drafting for such forms.

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At Noor Attorneys & Legal Consultants, we are experts in drafting legal documents such as pledges, acknowledgments of cash receipt, receiving a personal loan, deeds of execution, debt acknowledgments, guarantees, trust receipt   or personal loan forms, since we are fully capable of drafting all said types of legal documents to ensure that the rights of parties and beneficiaries are preserved.

Moreover, while drafting, we verify that the wording complies with the law requirements to protect the beneficiary and to ensure our ability to take civil and penal actions against the violator in case of any violation or breach. This becomes possible due to our flawless legal drafting services. In addition, we arrange and attend the signature procedures of such documents by the Notary Public in order to ensure the implementation of what is contained in the said documents.