Go Green

Nour Attorneys Law Firm is very inclined towards the protection of the nature and environment. Therefore, work culture of our law firm is totally paperless. Our law firm, invest in technology rather than using papers as we understand the real value of piece of paper which is extracted after cutting of many trees. Moreover, paperless environment provides you more space at your workplace and avoid confusion between client documents and files. Therefore, being a human in this world our duty is to protect and nurture the environment and to take care of the mother earth by initiating or taking small steps against pollution.

Nour Attorneys Law Firm is duty bound to protect the privacy of its clients by maintaining separate files in different folder and drives which keep track on activity of each file so that privacy of our clients must be protected and cannot be curtailed this is all because of our Go Green ideology. Our law firm also request to our clients to take small initiatives so that ecology and environment can be protected.

Few Ways Companies Can Go Green