Employment Disputes are the most prevalent disputes in today’s era since most individuals are either employers or employees. Therefore, work is an important source of livelihood for any employee, and losing it is considered a strong motive for resorting to the courts to resolve the labor dispute, especially when many employers do not properly know enough about the mechanisms of termination of employment contracts. Then the role of Employment Dispute Lawyer comes into play to protect the rights of the either party involved in the Employment Dispute.

There are many instances wherein an employee breaches his Employment contract by doing any act which is against the conditions of his contract and on the other hand there are many cases where employer imposes such conditions upon the employee that makes him unable to work or earn his livelihood. Thus, in order to resolve these kinds of conflicts and to resort the right of the parties in a correct manner Employment Dispute Lawyer plays a vital role.

What are the qualities of a good Employment Lawyers in Dubai?

It is very important to choose or opt for a good Employment Dispute Lawyer because the future your organization and livelihood rests in hand of your lawyer. Therefore, it important to opt for a good Employment Dispute Lawyer here are some of the qualities mentioned below which Employment Dispute lawyer must possess:

  • Employment lawyer must be well versed with Employment Laws prevailing in UAE
  • Employment lawyer must be aware about the nature of Employment Contracts
  • Employment lawyer must have an experience of contesting Employment Disputes
  • Employment lawyer must have knowledge about the Compensation Schemes
  • Employment lawyer must be well versed with the rights of the employee and employer
  • Employment lawyer must have good drafting skills
  • Employment lawyer must have research skills
  • Employment lawyer must have good speaking skills
  • Employment lawyer must have problem solving ability
  • Employment lawyer must have analytical skills
  • Employment lawyer must be Honest to the Client

Nour Attorneys Law Firm has a long-standing experience in contesting employment disputes our team of Employment Dispute Lawyer has contested numerous cases regarding Employment Disputes and provided best possible results to the Clients. Moreover, our law firm is known for delivering the results to the clients without making false promises.