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Litigation in Courts refers to a dispute between parties before a court or a judicial body. The right to litigation means that when aright is violated, the right holder can bring the case before an independent and impartial body, such asthe federal and local courts in the United Arab Emirates.

Do you have a dispute with another party (whether it was a supplier, an employee, an employer, a client, a bank, a real estate developer, or even a partner)?Did this dispute become a case before a civil, commercial, or labor court,rental orreal-estate committeesor did it become a criminal complaint or case before police or public prosecution?Then, we as Nour Attorneys & Legal Consultants are ready to represent you before all courts and official bodies to help you to gain back all your deserved rights.

Nour Attorneys & Legal Consultants plays a vital role in clarifying the legal content and scope of the client’s case, as we seek innovative solutions to obtain verdicts in accordance with the litigation laws and rights related to the dispute.

Nour Attorneys & Legal Consultants – we represent clients in the courtroom through our lawyers, who are always supported by a team of litigation professionals.

While it is difficult to obtain the perfect legal advice and appropriate legal representation, Nour Attorneys & Legal Consultants provides all types of litigation services before courts of various degrees, drafting legal memorandums and pleadings, as well as taking timely and executive procedures with an exceptional level of professionalism.

In addition, we also offer services of appealing against verdicts before appellate and cassation courtsin order to object to all wrongful verdicts to correct such verdicts through a higher court in accordance with the litigation procedures. Hence, we submit the objections to a higher court according to the procedures of litigation for the judge to declare whether the law has been properly applied based on the submitted facts or not.

Moreover, we are fully capable of representing clients before judicial expert committees assigned by courts to provide defense and respond to the reports submitted by the litigants in the proceedings or those which are issued by the respective expert committees.

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