What are Non-Disclosure Agreements?

A Non-Disclosure Agreement is a legally binding agreement between the parties which establishes a confidential relationship between them. The parties’ signatory to this agreement abides by the condition that no information will be leaked to an outsider in any circumstance. These agreements are commonly used between joint ventures business, employer-employee relationship, research works and others.

What is the benefit of having Non-Disclosure Agreement? What is the benefit of having Non-Disclosure Agreement?

There are various benefits of Non-Disclosure Agreements as it establishes the relation of confidentiality between the parties. Moreover, each confidential information of business is kept secret, whether it is related to future patents, research and development, finances, negotiations, client details, data, and others. Thus, due to non-disclosure agreements companies entering some discussion can freely discuss each possibility without any fear of the breach in data or information.

What role does drafting play in making Non-Disclosure Agreement?

It is very important to draft a good Non-Disclosure Agreement in order to avail all the benefits emanating from it and also to avoid any dispute for future. Therefore, drafting skills plays an important role and a good drafting skill can safeguard the interest of all the parties for a longer time. In drafting non-disclosure agreement the draftsman must be very careful and must bear in mind how to deter the other party so that breach in the non-disclosure agreement can be avoided. Nour Attorneys Law Firm works in a highly proficient manner in order to draft the non-disclosure agreements and secure the interest of our clients. Here are some of the key points required in drafting up of non-disclosure agreements;


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