Mohamed Noureldin ( Nour )

Founder, Lawyer & Sr. Legal Consultant

Mohamed Noureldin

Corporate & Contracts Legal Consultant All Offices

Nour is specialized in reviewing, drafting, and negotiating all types of contracts and agreements which includes commercial and civil contracts and agreements as well as supporting documents required for business transactions in relation to banking, finance investing, trading, shares transfers, and Mergers & acquisitions transactions. Moreover, he also possesses specialization in executing all types of agreements and documents including but not limited to the investment agreement, properties sales and purchases agreements, facility management agreements, loan agreements, introduction agreements, Joint Venture agreements, master services agreements, franchise agreements, funding and other financial agreements, acquisition agreements, shareholder agreements, plus executing other legal documents such as personal and corporate guarantees, undertakings, trustee letters, affidavits, declarations, security documents, powers of attorney, corporate governess documents, and all other related and ancillary documents.
Nour provides his prominent legal advice in relation to the execution of the corporate legal structure through drafting and amending companies’ legal documents such as board resolutions, Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association, partnership agreements, shareholder agreements, and many more. However, he has a wide range of experience and knowledge in regard to the restructuring of companies’ operations and ownership of assets and project contracts and their execution under two or more licenses to mitigate the risk of economic crisis and balance financial liabilities. Moreover, he is well versed in the procedure of securing patents, and trademarks under a shell or holding company and has a vital range of experience in dealing with licensing between the holding and its subsidiaries or sister companies and the formation of companies in a different jurisdiction to avail the benefit of tax exemption from double taxation policies.
Nour is handling all litigation disputes before competent courts including primary, appeal, and cassation courts in UAE and has variable kinds of cases pertaining to commercial, civil, real estate, and labor issues. Moreover, he is well versed in prelitigation preparation of drafts, drafting a memorandum of claims, written pleadings, presentation before judicial expert committees, and negotiating settlement of civil and commercial disputes. Thus, these disputes topics include but are not only limited to termination of contracts, civil and commercial compensation, execution of the contract, financial claims for outstanding due to various reasons, real estate handover, rental disputes, employment cases for employment rights, and unlawful termination, medical malpractice and banking disputes, financial criminal cases and execution of foreign judgments and inheritance matters and bankruptcy cases.
Nour is considerably providing proactive legal advice to investors, businessmen, and corporate bodies on various legal issues including multi-jurisdiction transactions, commercial contracts, dispute resolution, legal actions, regulatory measures, employment disputes, and governance. Moreover, these matters have been dealt with by him in many sectors such as healthcare, construction, real estate developers, transportation, contracting business, consultants, financial companies, restaurants, IT and Crypto companies, general trading, insurance companies and brokerage companies, and investment companies.
Nour provides his prominent advice in terms of corporate due diligence for business transactions & investments as well as verification and execution of all documents, assessment of financial structures through experts’ opinion if required, identification of the existence of a dispute, advising for associated legal risks and possibility of claim liabilities., Moreover, in lawsuits wherein any type of breach has been committed by the parties then prosecution or defense services are being provided. Although the due diligence process starts with vetting all the legal documents and executing an investigation on the personal profile of other members including checking of criminal antecedents, and verification of KYC, and AML details and by adopting appropriate procedures Nour ensures that all the business-related transactions are in compliance with all rules and regulations of the law of the land.
Nour provides efficient advice to investors and businessmen for the registration of new companies onshore (UAE) and offshore. The advice which is being provided by him is not only limited to some extent but also covers areas like legal regulation for business activities, the opening of bank accounts, AML requirements, taxation, liabilities of management and shareholders, and legal risks associated with the business.
Nour is helping his clients in taking better deal decisions based upon his advice which has been attained after 13 years of professional work experience. The said experience and expertise have been gained after working in complex business environments and by performing various due diligence.

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