What does Litigation mean?

Litigation is the act or process of contesting cases before the concerned courts. Generally, when one party is aggrieved by the action of other party then the aggrieved party make recourse to their remedy by filing a lawsuit before the concerned court and litigation comes into play. Therefore, the litigation proceedings have different set of rules and procedure depending upon the nature of dispute. Thus, it is important to choose a well qualified and experienced litigation lawyer for defending or contesting your interest before the concern courts.

How many types of Litigation are there?

There are various types of litigation proceedings but for better understanding the said proceedings are categorized mainly into two parts i.e. Civil and Criminal. Therefore, the other litigations such as commercial, real estate, banking, insurance, consumer, construction are the part of civil litigation because the nature of such disputes pertains to liquidated damages and can be resolved by opting monetary measures. Whereas, on the other side litigation relating to money laundering, child trafficking, fraud, cheating, misappropriation of funds, drug trafficking, adultery, murder and other penal offences are the part of criminal litigation because the consequences of such offences are penal in nature and imposes hefty penalties upon the wrongdoer. Thus, it is pertinent to mention here that every subject of dispute is governed by different law applicable to it.

What is the role of Litigation Lawyer?

The role of litigation lawyer is very important as they contest the interest of his or her client before the concerned court. Therefore, the role of litigation lawyer is not only limited to arguing before the courts but also includes skills of drafting litigation memos, petitions, replies, preparing defence, examining and evaluating the expert report. Moreover, a litigation lawyer must be well versed with the all the procedural laws applicable to a particular subject of dispute, so that best possible results can be extracted in favour of the clients. Litigation Lawyers at Nour Attorneys Law Firm is duty bound to keep all the clients updated on all the lawsuits procedures, defences submitted by parties and responses to such defences. Furthermore, our litigation lawyers cooperate with our clients to submit a proper defence by asking the client to provide us with documents supporting the said defence, especially in cases that involve a huge number of documents or technical materials that require being explained and simplified by technical staff prior to the lawyer’s appearance before the court. Nour Attorneys Law Firm tends to provide you best litigation lawyers whom are capable enough to contest and defend your interest before all courts including but not limited to court of first instance, court of appeals and cassation or Supreme Court. Our law firm consist team of high qualified and experienced litigation lawyers which are experts in representing the facts before the courts and obtaining orders on petitions, filing urgent claims, defending and protecting the interest of clients in criminal cases and in many other litigation proceedings. Thus, in order to avail the benefit of our litigation services feel free to contact us at our offices situated in Dubai.

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