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Nour Attorneys & Legal Consultants is the best law firms in Dubai that provide all legal services including litigation management, lawsuits, civil, commercial, labour and penal disputes. We are a business orient law firm dealing with business setup, corporate restructure, agreements and contracts drafting, franchising and licensing, and other business legal services. Our firm has the necessary expertise, human competencies, capabilities, and state-of-art equipment, to ensure providing the best legal services in Dubai to our clients with the highest quality.
Dear All,
Nour Attorneys Law Firm is a law firm that has been established with an aim as well as with a passion for helping others, since my childhood, I always wanted to help peoples and the community and by making thorough and huge efforts, and contribution that can bring a noticeable change in the lives of people and in growth of the community. For me People and Community is inclusive of me, my family, my colleagues and their families, our clients and their team members and families. We all shall look into this big picture and shall work upon to it to know and understand its meaning.
For our clients, we always aim to become one of the assets that gives them back thorough high-quality services and also make contributions to the society that will create a better legal environment for their Business and Corporates Sectors. This will help in to flourish and grow even more bigger. Therefore, I do not believe when everyone else says that you are your law firm biggest asset, but we care more about how you look up to us as your asset or partner in your business journey.
For my colleagues, as members of our Firm regardless of our position, titles are the real investors in our Firm where we contribute our time and effort to the business capital to grow in all aspects of our lives and to achieve a mission that will remain ours regardless of our part in it either short or long. Always remember that you are not the capital of business but the investor who pays their valuables in exchange of mutual benefits that will be brought to everyone’s lives around us.
For our societies, our beloved UAE, and the sociality of each of our members and clients regardless of their religion, race, and ethnicity, we aim to contribute to all sets of societies through our success and the growth we want to bring to the members we can reach, and we can hope by our actions that they will become the messengers of our values to you as well.
This message has been drafted by myself and is blend of my feelings and bona fide intention which came from my heart, and I dedicate this message to each and everyone. Moreover, I also hope that during our journey, we will find the peace that we all seek through the discovery of our true selves and during that we will achieve our goals and aims that we find suitable in this life.

Dubai, July 24, 2022.

Best Regards,

Mohamed Noureldin

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