What is Debit Note?

Consent letter means a formal letter which is written in order to obtain permission from a person or a group of persons. The intention behind writing of consent letter is to take permission from the respondent party so that appropriate action can be taken and the purpose of consent can be secured.


A buyer issues debit notes to initiate purchase return of the goods procured on credit from seller. Here are some situations enumerated wherein buyer issues debit note:
Illustration: X Company (Buyer) places an order for 1500 caps to Y Company (Seller) at the price of 5 AED per Cap. At the time of delivery 250 caps found to be damaged and not up to the mark as expected and agreed between buyer and seller. In this situation buyer will issue debit note to the seller.


A seller issues a debit note to inform the buyer about debt collection/obligation. The use of this note serves as a reminder for collection of due funds. Here are some situations enumerated wherein seller issues debit note:
Illustration: X Company (Buyer) places an order for 1500 caps to Y Company (Seller) at the price of 5 AED per Cap. The said caps were delivered successfully, and invoice was raised by the Seller of 4 AED per cap i.e. 6000AED instead of 5 AED per cap. Then later seller reminds that the price agreed between him, and buyer was of 5 AED per cap i.e. 7500 AED. In this situation seller will issue debit note to the buyer for making adjustment in invoice. There is no specific definition defined for Debit Note but it can easily understand from the above-mentioned situations.

How to Draft a Debit Note?

It is very important to draft a debit note in a correct sense as in any case when dispute reaches to courts then this note works as an important piece of evidence. Therefore, it is highly important to draft the debit note in correct manner. As we know that debit note can be send from the side of both the parties, but it must bear cogent reasons for sending it for e.g., if in case buyer send the debit note to seller then he must enumerate the cogent reason for sending it to seller because the debit note comes into existence when the receiving part accepts it. Nour Attorneys Law Firm has a highly qualified team of lawyers and experts which have extensive experience in drafting Debit Notes. Our law firm team with the help of accounting experts works in a highly proficient manner in order to draft the Debit Notes and secure the interest of our clients. Here are some of the key points required in drafting up of debit Note.


Nour Attorneys Law Firm is committed to provide best advice and legal document drafting services to our clients. Therefore, in case if you need any suggestion or help in relation the matters related to drafting of Debit Note or Credit Note you can contact us freely. Our team is fully committed towards our client to perform their duty and in delivering out the positive results.

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