Amr Khaled

Business Legal Consultant

Yuvraj is a professional and qualified Legal Consultant. He has completed his bachelor’s in law from a renowned University in India. His major specialization is in dealing with litigation matters pertaining to Employment, Civil, Criminal, and Commercial laws. During his initial years as a law student, he has done many internships with international and top tier law firms in India. After completing his graduation, he enrolled himself as an advocate with the Bar Council of India and started litigation which provided him extensive experience and learning in the field of litigation and helped him in gaining knowledge about the understanding of litigation disputes.

Amr Khaled

Contracts, Compliance & Litigation Dubai Office

Amr Khaled is a professional and qualified Business Legal Consultant. He has completed his graduation in law from a renowned University in Sudan. He majorly deals in setting up of business, formation of companies and opening of bank accounts. During his years of graduation, he has completed various internships with one of the top tier law firms dealing in business legal consultancy services. He has a good experience and knowledge of local laws that deals with the provisions regarding setting up of companies in various zones like Mainland, Free Zone and Offshore.

At Nour Attorneys Law Firm, Amr is involved in providing advice and vetting up of documents in relation to Formation of Companies, Patents and Trademark Licensing, and completion of documents required in opening of bank accounts. Moreover, he also provides his prominent advice upon the matters relating to residency of businessmen and investors, as well as fulfilling up of the requirements of locals in setting up of business and companies.

He is well versed with the local laws that are of utmost importance in cases wherein company is to be established in free zone, mainland and offshore. Thus, he has an exceptional quality in conducting legal analysis and research in matters relating to due Diligence, Mergers & Acquisitions, Insolvency Proceedings, winding up of Companies and then briefing to his Senior Associates.

Besides this, Amr is also involved and dealing with drafting and reviewing of legal documents and agreements including but not limited to Memorandum of Association, Article of Association, Patent and Trademark Licensing Agreements, Partnership Agreements, Shareholders Agreements, Non- Disclosure Agreements, Buyer Seller Agreement and in align up of all the Business legal documents. Thus, his potential and experience helped many clients in achieving their legal objectives.

Amr is a core business Legal Consultant but his quality of being versatile, lifted him up in the field of litigation at our office, wherein he does the extensive research in matters pertaining to Commercial, Civil and Labor Disputes and assists his seniors. We consider him to be an asset for our organization and for our clients belonging from Corporate and Business sectors.

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