Business Bank Account Opening

Setting up a company in the UAE is not limited to the issuance of a trade license, in fact, the company can be really considered operable when a bank account is successfully opened for the business. Opening a business bank account can be an exhaustive and time-consuming process as a result of the recently followed banking procedures. Such procedures aim at verifying the client’s identity, preventing money laundering operations and ensuring there are banking transactions on the account before opening the account, which is considered a challenging requirement, however, it does not make opening the account impossible.

Our business advisors at Nour Attorneys & Legal Consultants are more than ready to assist you in preparing the documents required by the bank, which support your application and increase the chance of the bank’s acceptance to open the account. We rely on our accumulated experience in dealing with various banks and our wide knowledge of the common requirements to guide and advise our client concerning the steps that should be followed.

Opening a business bank account requires the presence of the client in person to sign the account opening application and related documents and in order for the bank to verify the identity of its future client in order to follow the required procedures adopted by the Central Bank and the international banking policies to combat money laundering.

You can contact Nour Attorneys & Legal Consultants in Dubai now for Business set up in Dubai to set up your company and open a business bank account to carry out all of your business transactions easily and smoothly.