Local Service Agent In Dubai

Appointing a Local Service Agent in UAE is a mandatory requirement for the foreign investors. Therefore, investor who desire to set up companies in professional services requires a Local Service Agent to be appointed to represent the company of investor before authorities. Thus, companies relating to professional services are allowed to hold 100 % ownership by foreigners.

What is the role of Local Service Agent?

The role of Local Service Agent is very limited as he only works as Emirati voice for your business operations. The role which local service agent play is mentioned herein below;

How can you find a local service Agent in Dubai or UAE?

Nour Attorneys Law Firm helps you in providing best legal consultancy services in terms of providing you reliable and efficient local service agent in Dubai. Moreover, our law firm also make sure that annual charge for local sponsorship which is to borne by foreign investor must be minimum in nature. Our highly qualified team of business advisors and legal consultants make sure that local service agent must not be involved in the direct operations of the company which is to be set up by the foreign investor. Moreover, our team works in order to provide best services to expat entrepreneurs in finding local service agent for setting up their business venture in Dubai or UAE.

What is Local Service Agent Agreement?

The agreement of local service agent appointment in UAE constitutes a legally enforceable contract. Therefore, certain obligations are also imposed on both parties to a contract. Thus, each local service agent agreement differs somewhat from the next owing to the particular demands and requirements of the parties involved in a transaction. Here are some of the basic principles are mentioned below which applies to an agreement for appointment of a local sponsor in UAE;
There is no need of worry for you because Nour Attorneys Law Firm is there to protect the interest of foreign investors by way of executing Local Service Agent agreement. In case if you need any suggestion or help in relation to need of local service agent in Dubai and UAE you can contact us freely. Our team is fully committed in order to perform their duty and in delivering out the positive results.

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