Corporate Legal Services & Restructuring Services

Corporate lawyers in Dubai

Corporate services are a variety of legal services that we offer to big corporations, which has many shareholders, whether these corporations were private or public, and which need a corporate lawyer to provide guidance and advice to ensure the validity of legal practices applied in the company in different aspects and departments to limit the legal risks that the company may be exposed to.  Sometimes, it becomes necessary to provide the company employees with legal explanations on specific issued related to the daily transactions.

Moreover, our corporate services include restructuring services through a process of forming a number of offshore companies, each of which includes a number of shareholders in a manner in a manner that ensures the distribution of shares and profits with the least complex company structure. We have best corporate lawyers in Dubai.

Nour Attorneys & Legal Consultants team provides these various services, which include attending the general assembly meetings to draft the minutes of meetings in order to ensure their compliance with the law requirements. We also provide immediate advice and guidance during such meetings without prejudice, as well as authenticating the minutes of said meetings after being signed by the concerned parties, if such procedure was necessary.

Moreover, corporate legal services also include drafting written policies for the various departments of the company, defining mechanisms to be followed with regard to business practices, reviewing and redrafting all standardized internal forms such as job offers, quotations or their approvals, and contract to ensure the reduction of legal risks that the company may be exposed to prior to any judicial or non-judicial dispute.

In a nutshell,  Nour Attorneys & Legal Consultants have team of Corporate lawyers in Dubai, which skillfully provides assistance to our clients by reducing the probabilities of exposure to legal risks, by drafting effective policies, training the employees,  and ensuring the validity of the company’s decisions and the powers of those who are authorized to make them.