Corporate Business Practices Complaints (B2B)

In view of the commercial competition among companies in local markets in general and the intense competition in some cases in particular, some commercial and market practices , such as the monopoly of goods and products, as well as unfair competition among companies and unfair marketing, violate the general rules established by the Ministry of Economy (often) or other entities and bodies on corporate and business practices related to competition, monopoly, marketing, etc. Such entities or bodies often designate special committees that are established to receive any complaints related to such matters, as they have conditions and regulations to govern said practices. Commercial and business practices disputes exclusively arise among businesses. However, individuals may be involved in such disputes if they have claims related to monopoly as may be directly affected, and usually, their role is limited to reporting and submitting the complaint to the concerned entity in order for the entity to examine the complaint. In such cases, individuals shall have the right to follow-up on complaints, being the complainant party.

Nour Attorneys & Legal Consultants team works diligently to represent several clients of corporates and companies, particularly in unfair competition and marketing issues. We are always at the service of our clients to help them to recover their rights in cases of abusive business practices committed by their competitors. Furthermore, when such issues concern individuals, we provide them with our consumer protection services.

Thanks to our extensive experience, Nour Attorneys & Legal Consultants team provides advice and guidance on disputes related to illegal commercial and business practices, as we prepare required complaints and represent our clients before the competent committees. We are perfectly capable of representing our valuable clients in litigation during such disputes.