Tarek Malek

Tarek MalekLegal Researcher

Tarek Malek – Legal Researcher

About him

Tarek is a Syrian national who has graduated with Bachelor of Law in the year 2019 with excellent grades and has joined Nour Attorneys in the year 2020 as Legal Researcher. Tarek undertakes the legal research with respect to various aspects of the existing laws and procure the precedents which are used for the ongoing litigations handled by Nour Attorneys. Being fluent in both Arabic and English, Tarek seamlessly translates the pleadings and judgements as per the requirement. Tarek has keen interest in litigation and legal documentation.

Education Qualification

  • Bachelor of Law in the year 2019 from Saint Joseph University, Dubai Branch.



  • Good communication skills which enables the clients to understand legal language and procedures.
  • The ability to take large amounts of information and sift it for what is important.
  • A robust, methodical and energetic approach.
  • An excellent attention span and high levels of concentration.
  • An eye for detail and for making corrections.
  • Strong IT skills, including Microsoft Office.
  • A strong command on English and Arabic and the ability to edit the documents thereof.
  • The ability to foster and promote productive professional relationships with people around the globe.


Roles and Responsibility

  • Keep the firm up to date with changes and amendments in the existing laws.
  • Read legal opinions by judges to keep track on the ongoing changes in legislation/ laws.
  • Use these opinions and research to provide relevant and timely information to the senior lawyers handling the case.
  • Attending all government departments and ensuring legal assistance to the Clients
  • Undertaking in-depth research into any aspect of the law to provide assistance to the firm and its individual lawyers.
  • Gather and analyze research data, such as statutes, decisions, legal articles, codes, and documents.
  • Draft and prepare legal briefs for the various accounts that the firm handles.
  • Prepare case status reports.
  • Draft and prepare pleadings and other legal documents such as petitions, motions, complaints, appeals, affidavits, letters etc.
  • Make calls to courts and/or government agencies/offices with which the firm has pending and active cases to follow up the status of the ongoing cases.