Khaled AliExecutive Officer & Business Development Manager

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Mr. Khaled Mohamed is the Executive Assistant to the company’s Founder and Managing Director. Mr. Ali works to implement all administrative and organizational policies and goals of the company by defining different implementation mechanisms, taking decisions and implementing them, and reporting to the top management.

  • Academic Qualifications and Memberships

Mr. Khaled Mohamed holds a bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems.

  • Areas of Specialization

  1. Management of companies, organizations and teams.
  2. Extensive experience in the application of electronic systems for developing work systems and ensuring the timely implementation of tasks.
  3. Client relationship management and client account management.
  4. Selection, negotiation and contracting with service providers.

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Dubai, UAE

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  • Experience


  • Khaled has extensive experience in the field of computing and information systems that exceeds 9 years. Moreover, he is also highly experienced in corporate management, as he has an experience of more than 4 years in the said field. In addition, Mr. Ali has previously founded a company in the field of business development and e-marketing, in which he has also served as a partner and a general manager. The mentioned company specialized in providing business development and marketing services in both local and international markets. Mr. Khaled Ali has a proven experience in supervising teams and developing the administrative and internal capabilities of companies with the aim of creating an organizational system that targets improving performance by utilizing technology, the thing which reflects on the service level of the company and customer satisfaction. He is currently serving as a partner in the same company.
  • He is responsible for managing all non-legal related matters, such as administrative, financial and organizational matters to ensure the independence of the legal department and its dedication to providing professional services independently. His responsibilities also include creating an organizational environment that ensures business stability with regard to administrative and financial terms.


  •  Khaled diligently works to create the organizational systems of the firm to meet the company’s requirements through improving the utilization of technology to perform different tasks and relying on advanced software to simplify business processes and its implementation, such as electronic accounting systems, remote electronic payment using credit cards, adopting electronic signature systems for contracts, internal decisions and authorizations, and providing protection systems, automated backup systems and file recovery systems for soft copies in order to overcome any emergencies and issues that may arise at the level of business implementation.


  • Furthermore, Mr. Khaled is responsible for contracting with suppliers, comparing suppliers to come up with the best offers and performing all executive tasks related to the company’s administrative and organizational activity to ensure the continuity of its operations, starting from selecting phone, internet and insurance service providers to accounting and financial auditing, translation, technical services, programming, office requisites’ providers, among others.


  • Khaled is fully responsible for enhancing the organizational development of the firm by providing clear and precise data on performance, submitting business reports, and detailing any issues that are likely to reoccur in order to ensure that they are properly addressed. He also focuses on developing the organizational system of the workflow according to predefined criteria for several activities in terms of practicality to ensure achieving the company’s strategic objectives and providing proper mechanisms for reviewing, correcting and examining problems in order to achieve long term business development.