Gamal Madkoor

Gamal MadkoorSenior Legal Consultant


Bachelor’s Degree in Law – 2000

Certificate of International Commercial Arbitration from the International Law Forum Program – Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University, 2011

-Litigation in courts                                              -Labor and personal status lawsuits
-Pleading before courts                                      -Criminal lawsuits
-Civil and commercial lawsuits                          -Administrative lawsuits

About Gamal Madkoor

Mr. Madkoor graduated from the Faculty of Law in 2000 in Egypt to start working in the legal profession. In 2012, he travelled to the United Arab Emirates to work as a legal consultant in several law and legal consultation firms. He has an extensive experience of 8 years in pleading before Egyptian courts with different degrees. Therefore, he gained an extensive experience in pleading before courts of different degrees and judges when it comes to civil, commercial, labor, personal status and criminal lawsuits in addition to commercial arbitration. Accordingly, Mr. Madkoor particularly specializes in litigation before courts and arbitration bodies.


Mr. Madkoor’s areas of experience are varied as he prepares the claims and the defenses of the lawsuit before filing it in courts. In addition, he defines the legal foundations that are to be relied upon as well as fulfilling the conditions of the lawsuits according to their nature and the jurisdiction of each court before starting the dispute. Hence, Mr. Madkoor prepares the writs of summons of civil, commercial and labor lawsuits. He also prepares civil claims in criminal and family lawsuits. Moreover, he defends clients in such lawsuits by submitting defense memos, appeals, grievances, as well as taking urgent actions before courts. Such urgent actions may be related to seizure of funds, travel bans, and matters of special urgency as well as similar procedures due to his broad experience in litigation.

Mr. Madkoor’s experience in litigation enabled him to be perfectly capable of providing oral and written legal consultation services in all judicial aspects based on practice. This is especially true considering the number of civil, commercial, labor, family and criminal disputes which he managed on behalf of clients before expert and arbitration committees on basis of the laws pertaining to such disputes. Experience in court practices is essential when giving legal advice, so that the advice is not only theoretical, but is also based on a comprehensive research on the possibilities of application and the expected results.

Mr. Madkoor is also specialized in criminal lawsuits, whether misdemeanors or felonies. He prepares the necessary defenses and cooperates with other attorneys on pre-pleading preparations such as reviewing pleadings in order to ensure that a strong argument is presented. This is critically important in criminal lawsuits and lawsuits that require the attorney present to plead before the judge\s who are in charge of the case.

Thanks to his vast experience in litigation in the United Arab Emirates, Mr. Gamal Madkoor works in litigation before local and federal courts of different degrees such as courts of first instance, courts of appeal, and courts of cassation.