Nour Attorneys Law Firm has a long-standing experience in the field of providing legal services to its clients. Our law firm has a wide range of expertise and specialization in relation to dealing with Litigation and Arbitration disputes. Our law firm lawyers are experts in dealing with conflicts at the pre-litigation and litigation stages.

Litigation in UAE is a challenging procedure for a layman. Therefore, our law firm lawyers play a vital role in protecting the interest of the clients irrespective of the fact that whether dispute is related to civil, criminal, commercial, rental, employment, insurance, banking, trademark, contractual, real-estate, financial fraud, inheritance, consumer, or medical malpractice. Our law firm is duty bound to serve and protect the interests of our clients before all the Courts situated in UAE, including but not limited to Court of Circuits, Court of Minor Circuits, Major Circuit Courts, Labour Courts, Civil Courts, Criminal Courts, Court of First Instance Court, Court of Appeal, Court of Cassation and Federal Supreme Court.

Lawyers at Nour Attorneys Law Firm are also experienced in representing the client’s interest before various arbitration forums such as the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA), Dubai International Arbitration Center (DIFC), and Abu Dhabi Global Market Arbitration Center (ADGM).

Nour Attorneys Law Firm provides the best results to their client with the help of its experienced, well-qualified team of litigation lawyers. The following area of practice are enumerated below for a better understanding of our services provided by us in Litigation and Arbitration matters:

Contract Disputes
Consumer Disputes

Nour Attorneys Law Firm is known for providing its clients the best legal services. Therefore, to provide the best legal services and maintain the standard of service, our law firm has categorized a team of lawyers as per their specialization and experiences, so that fast efficacious services must be rendered to the clients and their rights and interest be protected.