Civil Disputes

Civil disputes are disputes that often arise between individuals, and sometimes, between individuals and companies. Usually, one of the dispute parties is an individual and the nature of dispute does not concern a commercial activity according to the exclusively defined commercial activities by the commercial law, such commercial activities mean that whoever practices it, it is viewed as a commercial activity.


Nour Attorneys & Legal Consultants team efficiently works to provide legal support services to clients in civil disputes during pre-dispute stages as well as legal representation services before courts to ensure achieving the best results when referring the dispute to the competent court.


Civil disputes vary in their nature, as they include, but are not limited to:

  • The client’s dispute with his agents; during such disputes, the client issues a power of attorney to another party that exploits the power of attorney or acts outside its intended scope.
  • Financial disputes between individuals, such as disputes related to lending others or disputes between individuals who are partners in real estate or movables.
  • Claims for movable assets granted to others, such as cars, vehicles and boats, which they refrain from giving them back.
  • Claims for compensation of damages caused by the action of third parties, whether the damage is based on default or as a result of committing a wrongdoing.
  • Claims related to refraining from the execution of an act or the compulsory execution of an act under the law to protect the interest of a party or to limit the damage on a party, where the court often balances the interests of the victim and the actor and reconciles the parties.
  • In addition, rights related to real property, including lawsuits requiring the neighbor to build a separation fence, waterway modification, road construction or other lawsuits related to real estate and others that often arise in large farms and lands.
  • There are also claims related to depositing rights and assets with the court due to the absence of their owners and claims for rights on behalf of debtors to ensure debt collection.


In conclusion, Nour Attorneys & Legal Consultants team professionally assists clients prior to disputes to obtain evidence and proofs as well as notifying the debtor through a legal warning in order to ensure that compensation for damages is sought in the event of breaches as the law requires notifying the other party in order to prove in his presence the plaintiff’s claims of his rights, as well as to ensure that the client does not commit violations that result in the loss of his rights when filing lawsuits at the competent courts.