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Nour Attorneys & Legal Consultants is a law firm that provides all legal services including litigation management, lawsuits, civil, commercial, labor and penal disputes.

Our firm has the necessary expertise, human competencies, capabilities, and state-of-art equipment, to ensure providing the best legal services to our clients with the highest quality.

We specialize at:

  • Drafting and reviewing all types of contracts and agreements between your company and all parties dealt with, for example, company facilities contract, as well as contracts with either governmental or private sectors. We help you ensure the validity and integrity of the legal impact of your company concerning any obligation to others.
  • Establishing the necessary contracts for your company’s business, which ensures the proper functioning of the work processes with the guarantees prescribed by law to protect the interests of your business according to the provisions of the law, commercial assets, and legal obligations.
  • Advocating on behalf of clients, supporting them, defending them and representing them before courts and judicial and disciplinary institutions of state administrations, groups, public institutions and professional bodies, and practicing all types of appeals, taking into account the requirements for pleading before the Supreme Council.
  • Drafting contracts, auditing, company incorporation throughout the UAE, document certification services, and related legal services.
  • Ensuring all legal matters are revised while incorporation to maintain the best legal practice and transactions between the company and its clients and its employees, which shall define missions and responsibilities of partners regarding management, profits, and distribution ratios. We also ensure that this system is entrusted to an administrative body that is the custodian of the rights of each one involved in the entity business process.

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